Friday, 25 February 2011

Collector's envy

This house makes me happy. Great colours and full of cool knickknacks. The house belongs to an artist (as if you couldn't tell) and it feels very 'real', not styled by a professional stylist unlike so many houses in photo spreads these days, sadly.
Which one is your favourite room? I love the dining room, the huge mirror, the chandelier, the floor and especially the blue paint.

Photos: AT Casa Italia


  1. Ooh, the blue paint gets me, Anna! But I doubt that cot would really be used - that room looks too severe to be a nursery. J x

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Jane!

    You are probably right about the nursery - the bed doesn't look very stable to start with.

  3. No, the nursery looks somewhat sad, as if it knows there really are no babies.
    My favorite room is the seaside bedroom. I can imagine curling up in that bed nook with good book, maybe even "Treasure Island" again.


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