Thursday, 10 February 2011

Small is the New Big

In my home town you will have no problem buying a mini-flat that measures 9 or 10 square meters - if you can afford it. The flat I want to show today is one of my favourite teeny tiny Parisian flat which is stylish and makes good use of the space.

The flat measures a mere 16 square meters and is a former concierge flat. The ceilings are 4 meters high so the owner decided to built a mezzanine to house the bathroom (2 square meters) and the office/bedroom (a rolled up futon). I especially like the built-in TV and the staircase.

Would you have thought it possible to live so stylish on 16 square meters?


  1. How extraordinary! That's seriously impressive, Anna. Such a contrast to how we live in Australia. J x

  2. If that's what it takes I would do it to live in Paris. I love when people use space so well.

  3. I loved ur house and images that u issued in ur blogs... it very small and simple to see.
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