Thursday, 3 February 2011

German Impressions V

Frankfurt am Main has a gorgeous Japanese Chinese garden. I apologise to my readers from China who may not be so impressed because I really like this garden. Pure and simple.
P.S. I wished I knew what it says above the entrance!?

All photos: European Chic


  1. Very nice picture and garden indeed. Just one comment, it is not a Japanese garden, it is a Chinese garden. The words in on the gate/entrance are in Chinese and not Japanese.

    A Chinese

  2. Dear Chinese commenter,
    Oh, dear! I edited my post already but I am still red in the face thinking that I confused two of the largest countries on earth. Thanks so much for pointing it out!
    What are the words saying? I am dying to know.

  3. 1st word Hua = Chinese/Mandarin
    2nd word Chun = Spring/youth
    3rd word yuan = Garden

    Hope this help :-)

  4. Anna, your photos of this Chinese garden are lovely and show the beauty of both the layout and the architecture... What a treasured place.



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