Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Turkish Impressions IV

Blue Mosque

Due to popular demand more photos from Turkey! Always such a a great place to visit.

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The German fountain

Neighbourhood in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia at night

A 300 year old hamman. You MUST go when you´re in Istanbul. We emerged reborn from this place.

Archeology Museum

All photos: European Chic


  1. I have been to Turkey too.... love the place!!!

    A Chinese

  2. Hi Anna Thanks so much for sharing these photos. It looks such a fascinating place to visit. Such a melange of so many cultures. I will get there one day! J x

    PS You seem to have fixed your glitch - bravo!

  3. I was so inspired by my trip to Istanbul as well. MidEastern architecture is incredible. Being there is like a dream! Great photos!


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