Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Le château d’Outrelaise

The staircase sold me to this house. I so want to slide down these bannisters. The château d’Outrelaise in Normandie is colourful yet very understated. Its decor is modern - if you consider that Outrelaise was build in the 1600s. It is often used for filming or location shoots. If anybody recognises something familiar from a film or magazine editorial let me know as I am curious.

All photos: Marie Claire Maison


  1. That is very modern! I love how they've incorporated modern design elements into a charming old chateau.

  2. Designer's Guild have used Outrelaise for their collection photo shoot. One of the fireplaces is absolutely beautiful. And I can confirm these bannisters were brilliant for sliding down in the 60s, indeed.


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