Saturday, 23 June 2012

Technical problems

Dear Readers,

I apologise profoundly for the silence. This week everything went wrong: First my computer broke down and then I ran out of storage space on google meaming that I cannot add new images to european chic. Since I am now also temporarily using an old computer I cannot even upgrade my account and purchase new storage space since this particular computer does not support chrome. I am trying to fix the problem(s) this weekend and just wanted to let you know that I miss meeting you and sharing design & inspiration from europe. I love blogging so this is not the end of the blog. Please do check back soon.

Kind regards,


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mediterranean country chic

In this Greek house it is a tie between having breakfast in bed, on the terrace or on the roof. Tough choices to make early in the morning! I love the simplicity of this interior. There is nothing pretentious here.

I hope everybody had a great sunny weekend!

Photos: Marie Claire Maison

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Swiss winter wonderland

Photo: Pinterest

The capital of Switzerland, Bern is wrapped in a blanket of snow. It is so pittoresk that it reminds me of model train cities, doesn't it? I enjoy the moments early in the morning when it has snowed and the usually noises of the city are muffled, like from another world.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

White flowers

Simple white flowers and the world makes sense again. Does that make sense to you, dear reader? There is something about buying or getting flowers that makes me happy. Perhaps because it feels so special and brings a happy vibe into your home.

All photos: Style at Home magazine

Thursday, 7 June 2012

German Impressions XI

If there is one thing Paris doesn't have and I miss - it is surely a harbour. So everytime I am close to a harbour I go picture mad and snap like a papparazzi as evident during my trip to Hamburg,

The last photo maybe of interest to european chic readers from the 'new world'. It is the Emigration Museum BallinStadt in Hamburg and I can highly recommend it. I learned a lot about migration here.

Any guesses what the architectural model (below) is? I took the photo in a museum and am quite puzzled.

photos: european chic

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Work space with neon

An eclectic work space with neon pink - my new obsession - is fun and cheerful. The polar bear is cool and, perhaps, useful at fending off unwanted colleagues/kids/spouses/neighbours. I also like the mood board a lot.

Photo: Lonny Magazine

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Casa Camper

Welcome to Casa Camper (yes, of the shoe fame) in Barcelona! Just like the shoes the design is cool, functional, laid back and includes lots of their signature red. I've earmarked this hotel for my next trip to Barcelona and I also noted some nifty low cost style ideas to steal. Notably the wall of different mirrors and the shaker peg board from which everything can be hung including a flat screen tv.

Photos: Marie Claire Maison

Friday, 1 June 2012

French Impressions XI

Every once in a blue moon a city girl yearns for the countryside and some culture and where else can you so easily combine the two of them than by visiting the Le château de Monte-Cristo which is close to Paris (30 minutes from Gare St. Lazare), the home of writer Alexandre Dumas. The château is placed in a lovely parc and cosisnts of the main building (first photo) and Dumas' writing retreat which is flanked by a stone dog-in-his-dog-house (below) - which is too cute for words. Personally, I wouldn't mind owning the small château...

photos: european chic

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