Thursday, 29 December 2011

French Impressions VIII

 Hello, welcome to another edition of 'Impressions....', today from Paris. I'll give some explanations for the photos I chose.

Here is my favourite 'secret' passageway in the Marais. Do you recognise Place de Vosges (above) and the Hôtel de Sully (below)?

The other day we went to to the fleamarket Porte de Vanves and bought these two bistro chairs for 30 Euros. I must say that it is practical to travel with your own chairs on the metro - you always have a seat. Don't try this during rush hour, though.

I love the colourful shop fronts you can find in Paris. Here are two examples.

I absolutely love the windows in Notre Dame - the photo does no justice to the glowing colours.

The last photo shows the colourful syrop you can buy on the markets. They are all yummy which makes it hard to choose.

All photos: European Chic


  1. I miss Paris so much!!!. What a wonderful pictures you take!!!. Nostalgie de ma vie en rose...
    Saluti, Eva

  2. You got me with shopfronts! I love Place des Vosges. Beautiful and so much history. Miss that. Great chair find!

  3. Ah, exhale! One day, we'll meet in Paris, Anna - I promise ☺. J x


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