Monday, 5 December 2011

A spot of white

For the beginning of the week I present bright whites and plants from a certain Swedish furniture store.This space feels very homey and real. White spaces need different textures so that they do not look too clinical. And, as always, the white ceiling lamp from the aforementioned store is such a bargain and I have seen it all over blogland.

Photo: IKEA blog


  1. I saw a documentary about a certain Swedish store that showed these being constructed, I didn't realise these lights were available at the moment. They are beautiful. I love the bulbs too.

  2. Oh Anna! This taunts me - that certain store isn't in Tasmania. Boo. It requires a planet flight to mainland Australia to purchase their goodies as they don't do online shopping. J x

  3. For Christmas or for Summer, I adore WHITE! Hope you're well Anna!


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