Sunday, 3 April 2011

Italian Impressions V

Finally, finally, I downloaded my Italy photos for you. I want to show you the proud town of Campli in the mountains. It has cute squares, lots of churches and chapels and a very unique praying staircase with  beautiful paintings. This so so unique and wonderful that the UNESCO declared it part of humanities World Heritage.

All photos: European Chic


  1. I love this new look, as I loved the last new look, and the ones before that ;) This blog moves :) You have an amazing knack for driving a concept forward. Just when we think you've reached the summum, you see what lies ahead and you take us there.
    As for the specific new photos, yes! Well done, the breath of a moment. We have a strong sense of place, yes it's a photo, but you've left us the story :) Not easy that one!

  2. How absolutely stunning, Anna. I can't pick my favourite. Thanks for sharing these treasures, my friend. J x


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