Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sleepless in Vienna

Welcome to Vienna! Capital of Austria, great coffee houses, art nouveau architecture, the United Nations, and lots of famous musicians ranging from Mozart to Kruder & Dorfmeister.

The DO&CO Design hotel is architecturally adventurous and located in the very centre of Vienna. Imagine a summer evening at the bar on the 7th floor overlooking the city.
Since Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe I added a few photos of Vienna from Flickr.

All photos: Do&Co Design Hotel & Flickr

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  1. Thanks, Anna - a gorgeous reminder of my time spent there way back in 1989. You're right - it really is one of the prettiest cities around. I have fond memories of viewing it from the top of the ferris wheel at the Wiener Prater. Sigh. J x


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