Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Two rooms in 40 Winks

Yes, you read correctly, I am showing you one of the smallest hotels out there with only two rooms (think about booking a loooooong time in advance!) 40 Winks is located in the trendy East End and it feels like staying with good (and wealthy) friends. There is also a communal sitting room and dining room.


All photos: 40 Winks


  1. Hello Anna,

    This hotel is so lovely...where in the UK is it located? You have such a pretty blog, it was a pleasure stopping by. Hope you can stop by and follow.

    xoxo from NYC

  2. Hello Maurenice,

    I should have specified that the hotel is in London's East End.

    Nice to hear from you! I will check out your blog, too.

    Hope all is well in New York city - I heart NYC!


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