Friday, 8 July 2011

Terrific rooms for children

I have gathered some inspirational childrens rooms for two of my blogger friends, N. from Scotland who is expecting her first child and J. from Australia who just moved and has to decorate three kids rooms.

I had a similar antique bed to the one shown in the first image when I was young. Oh, the day when the bed became too small...

Which image do you like best? How much input should children give when it comes to decorating their own spaces?

All photos: MILK France except for photos No. 3 VTWonen Netherlands and the last one: Homes & Gardens UK

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  1. Oh, Anna, you darling for writing this. The last is my absolute favourite and something I may incorporate into one of their rooms, given I'm so mad about maps!

    As for how much say the children should have, I think it depends upon their age. For the moment, we parents call most of the shots in conjunction with the children's input. I imagine that will change once they become teenagers!

    J x


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