Friday, 1 July 2011

Book review: The Meghan Method

 The office

I've finished reading The Meghan Method and, oh boy, am I inspired to start redecorating my abode straight away. The author, Meghan Carter, explains step-by-step how to become your very own interior designer and she manages to break down the process in her charming laid back style so that everybody can confidently become a bona fide interior designer. If you already know how to decorate the book still offers tons of useful decorating advice (that was at least how I felt).

There are lots of worksheets available to figure everything out including on how to find your muse, evaluating your room, how to stay on budget and how to find a contractor. I am smitten by her cute layout drawings (below) and her styling.

In case Meghan reads this: I am certain that I can be even more productive if I could move into the green office and blog from there! I'll take the desk on the left.
The breakfast room and parlour

 Some of the many worksheets 

 The guest bedroom

...and here is the Lady herself surrounded by her 'muses'!
All Photos: Brent Walter/Gem Multimedia


  1. cool book. I live in mexico city and want to buy the book.

  2. Now that is impressive, Anna. I am seriously tempted to buy it...J x

  3. I love that office (especially the two imacs, would keep hubby off mine!).

  4. A mixture of daring and pleasure,... which makes me think about acting, good acting. It's all about showcasing ourselves, putting forth what makes us feel good. A coaching book for finding that courage and enjoying it? Yes! I'm in :)


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