Thursday, 9 June 2011

Boho chic in Paris

A laid back boho loft in the Bastille area of Paris. A stylist couple converted a former factory (600m2 - gasp!!) and  initially decorated it in a more 'traditional' loft design (minimalist, industrial) before they decided to totally change their style and go ethnic and colourful. Bravo! This place oozes with happy vibes.

This morning my copy of The Meghan Method arrived. I'll write a review as soon as I've finished reading it.


  1. I would go crazy if I were a cat .. imagine all those dangly accesories in the living room just tempting me all the time :-)

  2. i love this first image so bright and funky, i think it would keep the kids stimulated for sure, thanks for lovely comment on my blog, will post pics of nursery if i ever get it started lol, only 3 months to go oh im so unorganised lol x


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