Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ice hotels

How is everybody? Did you recover from the festivities and ready to indulge in more European design?
I've been turning north these last few days browsing ice hotels in Sweden and Norway. Here is an edited collection of my favourite photos from the flickr ice hotel group.

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Has anyone been to an ice hotel? How was it? I think the photos are amazing (from the cosy confines of my sofa here in Paris...). Who knew that one could be so creative with ice? I read that tons of artists apply every year to design a part of the hotel which - obviously - has to be rebuilt each winter.


  1. I think this ice-hotel is so wonderful, I may not be able to sleep there. It is better to stay awake all night to see how amazing this place is.

  2. If you’re planning to have a very memorable experience, then why don’t you try the Ice Hotel for a change? Aside from enjoying an unusual hotel experience, you get to be impressed with the artists who were able to design this. A masterpiece such as this will surely give you goose bumps. And besides, you only get to see this during winter. Hehehe.

    Jacob Beaty

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