Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cool Cologne flat


 A cool and colorful Cologne flat because beige is boooring. This flat is home to a German actress and her 10-year old daughter. The inspiration was Romania. (Which reminds me; has anyone seen Gadjo Dillo, a French movie? Great sets and soundtrack.) The flat has fantastic bones and lots of pops of bohemian colour sprinkled throughout.

 Grandiose entrance

 Kitchen in turquoise and yellow paired with Moroccan tiles and stainless steel kitchen units.

 Bohemian living room

 A handmade 'tutu' lamp

 Tons of bookshelf's housing an impressive collection of books

 The red balcony is cosy

 A green master bedroom

 En suite bath tub

 The child's room

All photos: Living etc UK


  1. Highly yummy, your blog! Inspiring and beautiful images and living spaces, I wonder where you find them all...

  2. I love it! I see a big influence from the easy-to-live-in, white-walls-and-colored-stuff Scandinavian design style. From Romania with love, I'm your newest follower!


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