Thursday, 4 August 2011

Polish Impressions I

Hello! I am back from my trip to Warsaw. Anne graciously interviewed me for her Boarding Pass column a couple days ago (Thank you, Anne!) and promised that I would share some photos from my trip to Poland toute de suite.

I had a lovely time in Poland, but the weather was horrible. I had about a total of 10 minutes to take a couple of snapshots. My hotel room was on the 34th floor and the only thing I saw was white clouds, no view whatsoever. Luckily, I have been to Poland before when it was sunny and know that the photos in this post really do not justice to the city. I wished I could have included some photos of the old town and the surrounding countryside.

We had a delicious dinner at the Red Pig restaurant (est. 1909) of which I photographed a detail below. I heart pierogi, a typical Polish dish.

[Dear Polish readers, can anyone kindly explain to me what it says on the Winnie the Pooh sign I stumbled upon (see last photo below).]

All photos: European Chic


  1. First, I just want to say that I love your blog, although it makes me pine for Europe all the more. :)

    Anyhoo, I thought on a whim I'd try the translation you seek using Google Translate (I love languages, but sadly I don't have any knowledge of Polish -- but, I love using Google Translate and looking up stuff). According to that site, it translates "Ulica Kubusia Puchatka" as Winnie the Pooh Street. :) I know it's not a straight-on, from-a-Polish-speaker answer, but it seems right enough, doesn't it? That said, I still want to know from a native though -- and maybe one could explain the history of the sign being there? It's so cute -- I'm so happy you were able to capture it and thankful you shared it here.

    Hope this helps! Happy travels! And, I don't know how to word this so it doesn't sound strange, but keep up the good work! I truly look forward to your posts (even though I haven't ever commented before -- I usually just don't have time).


    P.S. Here's the URL for the translation:|en|Ulica%20Kubusia%20Puchatka

  2. Hi Anna,
    Lisa's right: it's just simple Winnie the Pooh Street.


  3. Thank you, Lisa and Bluuu! How cute. Pooh sounds even better in Polish - Puchatka.

    I am with Lisa on the question: What is the history of this sign being there? Does anybody from Warsaw know?

  4. The photos show nice weather, perhaps you dreamt you had bad weather? Welcome back!

  5. Hi Anna, I'm from Warsaw/Poland and it's so cool you've been here! Sorry for the weather, but even for us it's horrible. We used to have sunny holidays and it's seems to be something extraordinary ;)

    As for that street name... This name came out from a contest that one newspaper organised for kids. It's a small street and it didn't have a name. After contest it's ulica Kubusia Puchatka as kids love Winnie the Pooh ;)


  6. Ah, so glad you spotted that cuteness, Anna! Thanks for sharing it. J x

  7. Thanks so much, Gin! What a lovely idea to have a contest for a street name.

    My favourite Paris street name, by the way, is rue du chat qui peche - street of the fishing cat - in the 5th.


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