Monday, 6 September 2010

White dreams

The colour white is always fresh, bright and versatile! Let's have a look at a couple of white interiors. Remember the (affordable!) white designer hotel in Brussels I blogged about a few weeks ago? Check it out here.

Photo: Bravacasa
In this Italian kitchen the stainless steel counters are hidden behind transparent curtains. The traditional terrazzo floor looks very modern in this interior.

Photo: Living etc
A shabby chic conservatory in white and light grey colours. Aren't the white penchant lamps gorgeous?

The blue floor emphasize the crisp white of the room.

Photo: RUM
A crisp white bedroom.

Photo: Cote Maison
 The hotel lobby of a South Italian hotel.

Photo: Living etc
An eclectic bathroom with modern and antique features. Who doesn't want a fireplace in their bathroom.

Photo: Agent Bauer/Stylist Lo Bjurulf via Decor8 blog
A banquet styled with IKEA items. Impressive! The lamps float beautifully in the large space.

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