Monday, 30 January 2012

Art nouveau staircase

Photo: Pinterest

If you have been following European Chic for a while you now that I adore staircases - espcially spiral staircases. A couple years I went to Brussels which is only 90 minutes by train from Paris and visited the Horta museum which was amazing. Ever since I have been thinking of featuring the staircase from the museum because I like its organic and graceful lines. 


  1. Ciao bellissima,
    More pictures please!!!.
    Greetings, Fancy Eva

  2. There is (was?) a beautiful art deco staircase in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the United States, of all places, that I used to love to look at. It had a gorgeous stained glass window at the roof which you could see from the ground floor.
    I don't know if the apartment building is even still there. If it isn't I hope they salvaged that stairway.


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