Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Norwegian Impressions I

Today has been such a lovely sunny day that we had to spent the day outside strolling though Paris so that I only got to blog now. For contrast I wanted to take a virtual tour in Norway. This pretty Norwegian church above caught my fancy when I was browsing the web.

If you have been to Norway; what did you particular like?

All photos: Neon magazine


  1. Ooh, one day I'll get there. Denmark is as far as I made it in 1989. Sigh. J x

  2. Anna

    I'll post this link to Norwegian interior blogs
    where you'll find a lot of inspiration.


  3. Little red cottage on the sea

    - Nice view from there. But it wasn't originally built there. It was moved in the Dagmar.

    - Amazing..!


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