Saturday, 28 May 2011

An inspired interior


Ever since this house was featured in the print edition of Côté Sud here in France I wanted to share it on European Chic but you know how it goes: First you have to wait until it appears on their internet site and then you have to remember, etc. Anyway, I digress, I heart this house, a former maison vigneronne in the French countryside abandoned for decades before it was lovingly restored.
The owners did a great job keeping the old features of the house, the exposed brick walls, old wooden beams and stone floors and adding modern elements such as the hypermodern staircase* and the wavy cement ceiling in the kitchen. The muted colour palate with sand colours, light blue, greens, greys and pinks as well as the edited collection of modern and antique furniture is simply perfect. This house is sensual and functional.

Here is wishing everybody a wonderful sunny weekend!

*Admittedly, not kid-friendly without railings...

All photographs: Côté Sud


  1. Oh, Anna, you make me laugh, adding that little point for me! I can see why you're smitten with this house. It is gorgeous, I agree, but it feels a little cold to me. I wonder what their heating is like in winter? J x

  2. Yes, the note was indeed especially for you... I've listened to your 'concerns' for child-friendliness.

    The house is located in the South of France where it doesn't get very cold in winter.


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