Sunday, 11 September 2011

French Impressions VII

Here are a 'couple' of photos from my trip to Les Cevennes near Montpellier this summer. The area is known for rosé wine, sweet onions (made into a sort of chutney), its natural beauty, caves and hiking with donkeys.
I took a photo of one of the many hiking groups we saw. They all seemed to have, ahem, difficulty getting the donkey to walk.
Les grottes des demoiselles, which we visited, was the largest cave I have ever been to. Amazing!
There are supposed to be a lot of sheep - I just saw absolutely zero sheep except the bronze shepard statue.
 Our house was on top of a hill overlooking the mountains and it was so remote that there was not even mobile phone access. The grey cat came to our house twice a day and demanded to be fed. I bet it did rounds at all the houses in the neighbourhood! We met the dog while hiking in a national park and he really enjoyed bathing in the tiny waterhole.
The danger sign below is self-explanatory, right?

All photos: European Chic

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