Saturday, 17 July 2010


My friend S. and myself went to a design fleamarket the other day. There was great stuff and if it hadn´t rained I would have taken lots of photos to share with you. S., who hails originally from California, asked me why Europeans don´t have rocking chairs. So I did some research and, yes, most rocking chairs are indeed not ´European´ (like the Charles and Ray Eames RAR rocking chair from 1950) or too ´grandfatherly´.
Here are a few rocking chairs I like.

Photo: Raymond Loewy Foundation

This rocker genenrates energy which lights the attached lamp. The designer Rochus Jacob won a prize for his innovative design.
Photo: Maisons du Monde

Photo: Ikea

Photo: Autoban

A rocker from Autoban, an Istanbul-based design firm.

Do you like to relax in a rocking chair?

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