Saturday, 28 April 2012

German Impressions IX

Enfin, photos from my trip to Berlin, one of the most the dynamic capitals in Europe!

Above and the next two photos are from Rosenstrasse, the site of a major resistance of ordinary citizens against the jailing of their (Jewish) relatives in 1943. Afterwards, you see photos of Clärchens Ballhaus a eating and dancing venue which is over 100 years old and was a major hangout of German bohemians and artists such as Otto Dix and Alfred Döblin. The design hasn't changed at all and has a morbid charm. The last few photos are from Kreuzberg, a cool neighbourhood formerly located next to the wall.

All photos: European Chic

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  1. Love them, Anna, of course! Berlin is such an intriguing and stimulating city. J x


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