Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Chic Swedish design

Pretty chic home, right? I particular like the use of different wallpapers thoughout the house. It adds just the right amount of pattern and colours to an otherwise very Scandi chic home. The bones of the place are amazing and the idea in the bedroom of adding a wall behind which is the walk-in closet is a fantastic idea.

All photos: Alvhem Maekleri


  1. I love that collection of pink candlesticks! Fab!

  2. Ooh, Anna! It's very elegant and serene but I do wonder how the place is heated! J x

  3. A perfect example that Swedish Design does not mean only IKEA or Jacobsen or Wegner!

  4. I love the way wallpaper has been incorporated to the overall white decor. Beautiful

  5. This is such a stunning home - the use of wallpaper makes it more personal somehow rather than just all white and wood (which admittedly I usually love). I especially love the wallpaper in the kitchen which looks like a William Morris inspired print. Thanks for sharing this F


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